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Thematic Workshop: Data & Humans, a conflictual mutual relationship

Thematic Workshop: Data & Humans, a conflictual mutual relationship

In the modern world, data has become increasingly synonymous with humans. What are our shopping habits? Our emotional biases? Despite the fact that some people might be "afraid" of the increasing availability of this data, studying human behaviour forms the core of cognitive science research, and is a powerful tool for understanding human cognition.

This data comes in all shapes and sizes: preferences, accuracy, response times, physiological signals, and many more. In our workshop, we will give you an overview of the incredible variety of methods current research uses to investigate human beings. If you're curious about what data can reveal about humans (and how humans make sense of this data) come and join us!

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Event program:

09h00 - 09h05 Opening
09h05 - 09h50 invited speaker: Mauricio Martins
09h50 - 10h45 invited speaker: Roeland Heerema
10h40 - 11h00 Nikita Shroff (student)
11h00 - 11h15 Break
11h15 - 11h55 invited speaker: Audrey Mazancieux
11h55 - 12h15 Mytam Mayo-Smith (student)
12h15 - 12h35 François-Rémy Ringeval (student)
12h35 - 12h55 TBA
12h55 - 13h00 Closing remarks