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Thematic Workshop : Action Learning and AI In Educational Contexts

Thematic Workshop : Action Learning and AI In Educational Contexts

Highly-regarded experts in the fields of psychology and neuroscience may differ in their approaches to understanding the human mind, but are unified in the common belief that experts are just beginning to identify how systems in the brain work together to process information so that humans can come to “know” what we know. Still, the fascination with how we learn and, ultimately, how learning can be optimized remains strong. Adding technology to the mix further diversifies the types of systems available to support intelligent behavior. However, the mind—being a functional entity that can think—is influenced by various factors, such as past trauma, community and environment, cultural and societal expectations, social pressure, personal preferences and comforts, and more. Our presentation will include the varied research interests of group members, highlighting much of the above and detailing the initial findings across multiple disciplines.

In this thematic workshop group members will discuss their research topics, and will be joined by two guest speakers who will discuss their work in related fields.

Our speakers :

Atish Gonsalves is a social technologist, entrepreneur and the Global Innovation Director of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy based in London.Atish has consistently implemented successful educational-technology (edtech) solutions that have helped democratize learning for thousands of learners in difficult contexts.

Andrew Sliwinski is the Head of Technology for LEGO Education after working as a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab where he was co-director of Scratch – a programming tool and online community that serves over 200 million children per year. Andrew also co-founded the online learning community DIY Co.

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