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- Fri 25 Sep 19:00 CRI

CIRP Workshop: Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects

CIRP Workshop: Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects

The Creating Interdisciplinary Research Projects (CIRP) workshop intends to assemble free spirited students and researchers from broad scientific backgrounds to conceive creative research projects. This workshop provides the primary basis for collegiality and communication through dialogue and brainstorming on open questions in interdisciplinary research project. It is a joint activity between 1st year FIRE PhD students and AIRE M2 students.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To be able to focus on an important scientific question and to define the means to approach it from different disciplines
  • To be able to zoom out (have a broader view) and zoom in (be precise and define the key experiments)
  • To think and express your ideas more clearly.
  • To gain confidence in your ideas.
  • To be able to discuss, reject or accept ideas.
  • To learn to take constructive scientific criticisms.
  • To learn how to write a research proposal.
  • To discuss scientific questions thoroughly.
  • To learn to interact with people from different backgrounds.

The physical event is only accessible for M2 AIRE students and 1st year FIRE students, however seminars can be followed in live streaming on CRI's youtube channel.