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- 12:30 CRI

CRI Research Collaboratory seminar - Nicolas Behr

CRI Research Collaboratory seminar -  Nicolas Behr

Tracelet Analysis for the Life Sciences

Nicolas Behr - CRI

Live at the Learning Center Extension or via Zoom at this link.

Reporting on recent progress made throughout my CRI Short-Term fellowship, I will present algorithmic advances and a first software prototype for the study of organo- and biochemical reaction systems (joint work with J.-L. Andersen, W. Fontana, R. Heckel, D. Merkle and M. G. Saadat). After providing a non-technical introduction to the key theoretical concept of rewriting theory, also touching briefly upon possible use scenarios within social network theory, the main focus of the talk will be a live demonstration of the prototype of our open-source algorithm collection for analyzing rewriting systems. Intuitively, the notion of pathways in chemical reaction systems is given a precise theoretical counterpart in the structure of so-called tracelets, which permits the development of a new approach to the static analysis of such pathways. The key purpose of our software project consists in rendering these category-theoretical algorithms accessible to practitioners in the applied sciences, concretely via providing a high-level API in the form of a Python package (and that relies upon the Microsoft Z3 SMT solver as key part of its computational core). Feedback on the live demonstration of the software prototype would thus be highly appreciated!

The seminar will be preceeded by a brainstorming session, more info here