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Online Network seminar: Ten Dimensions of Social Relationships

Online Network seminar: Ten Dimensions of Social Relationships

We are happy to welcome to Online Network Seminar, which will be given by Luca Maria Aiello, senior scientist from Social Dynamics group of Cambridge, Bell labs.

Event is online, please register (see above).

Title: Ten Dimensions of Social Relationships

Abstract: Social relationships are the key determinant of crucial societal outcomes, including diffusion of innovation, productivity, happiness, and life expectancy. To better attain such outcomes at scale, it is therefore paramount to have technologies that can effectively capture the type of social relationships from digital data. NLP researchers have tried to do so from conversational text but mostly focusing on sentiment or topic mining, techniques that fall short on either conciseness or exhaustiveness. We propose a theoretical model of 10 dimensions of social relationships that is backed by decades of research in social sciences and that captures most of common relationship types. We trained a deep-learning model to classify text along these ten dimensions, and we reached performance up to 0.98 AUC. By applying this tool on large-scale conversational data, we show that the combination of the predicted dimensions suggests both the types of relationships people entertain and the types of real-world communities they shape. As a use case, we show how this technology can be used in the domain of employer care by predicting Nokia employee satisfaction from online review text.

Bio: Luca Maria Aiello is a Senior Research Scientist in the Social Dynamics team at Nokia Bell Labs Cambridge, UK. Formerly, he has been a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs for almost 5 years and a research Fellow of the ISI Foundation in Torino, Italy. He conducts interdisciplinary research in computational social science and network science. His work has been covered by hundreds of news articles published by news outlets worldwide including Wired, WSJ, and BBC. He is currently working on NLP research to model fundamental aspects of human relationships from conversational text.