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- 21:30 CRI

Workshop Co-construction: Waking up to your WHY

Workshop Co-construction: Waking up to your WHY

Hey fellow facilitators and bright minds,

On the 02.03. we will start a 8-week workshop series called ‘Waking up to your purpose’ taking participants through a journey exploring the tools to create a satisfied life filled with meaning, identifying the right actions to move towards this life and removing the blockages that keep one from acting. (This is going to be an ambitious attempt that, if successful will form the basis for a MOOC on the Edx platform)

Before we begin we need your help to make this workshop series an amazing and unforgettable experience! Together we will deconstruct the workshop series that I created during the last three months and play with the individual building blocks (and your specific expertises) to create a new and better experience for the participants.

Everything that we will create is in open-source, so we will be happy to share it with you, once it is complete :)

If you would like to participate, please register above!