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Motivation and academic performance - Martjin Meeter VU Amsterdam

Motivation and academic performance - Martjin Meeter VU Amsterdam


It seems a truism that to learn, you must want to learn. Motivation, and the lack thereof, has therefore been a perennial focus of both educational research and teacher gripes. However, does it merit its central place? Here, I will discuss two reasons to put it on less of a pedestal, and two reasons to care even more about it than we currently do.

About the speaker

Martijn Meeter is a professor of education sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since 2015 he has served as director of the LEARN research institute (until 2019) and of the teacher training program at Vrije Universiteit. His research focuses on learning, using traditional methods of education research as well as techniques drawn from cognitive neuroscience, such as computational modelling and EEG. He has also studied clinical populations and conducted surveys in several African countries.