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Open for everyone
- 22:00 CRI - 8bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris

Biotech Start-up Series #1: Synthetic Biology, application to the pharmaceutical industry

Biotech Start-up Series #1: Synthetic Biology, application to the pharmaceutical industry

The Biotech Start-up Series of conferences focuses on entrepreneurship in healthcare, joining American & European entrepreneurs, researchers and experts as we gather to explore trends in the biotechnology field. In this first event we will focus on the new tools of Synthetic Biology, with the potential to significantly impact tomorrow's medicine.

Come hear from impassioned specialists about their current research and learn about the challenges in bringing new technologies to bear on medical practice. Can synthetic biology save lives? Will it? What will it take?

BioLabs, the leading operator of co-working laboratory spaces in the US, in collaboration with Servier, a global pharmaceutical company governed by a Foundation, is pleased to invite you to this free event happening in the hub of research and innovation in Paris, the CRI.

For this first event we are very pleased to announce the following speakers:

  • François Képès, Ph.D.

Académie des Technologies, founder of the Institut de Biologie des Systèmes et de Synthèse (iSSB), former CNRS director and serial-entrepreneur,

  • Oscar Castanon, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral researcher at George Church's Laboratory, Harvard Medical School

  • Catherine Boule

Managing Partner, Cap Decisif, Healthcare practice,

  • Aurélie Grienenberger, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer, EligoBiosciences,

  • Alexandre LeBeaut, MD

Former Vice-President R&D and CSO, Ipsen,

  • Hélène Tran, Ph.D.

Project Leader Neurology, Servier R&D.

The conference will be followed by a cocktail and networking session. We look forward to meeting with you at CRI amphitheater on March 5th!

Free event. Open for everyone, limited seating.

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