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Learning to Learn Better ! – une histoire du Singapour

Learning to Learn Better ! – une histoire du Singapour


Learning to Learn Better (L2LB) “apprendre à apprendre mieux” is the flagship course offered by NUS ALSET. LTLB examines research and longstanding wisdom from the learning sciences. The course helps students avoid common misconceptions about learning and develop evidence-based study practices. We demonstrate to learners using in-class experiments on how best learning practices can sometimes be counterintuitive. L2LB was also adapted as a course for 83 working adults in 2018. The course mostly supported coaches and teachers in their vocational training. To this date, LTLB has reached over 500 students and alumni in 2019. We also partnered with the Institut Villebon Georges Charpak in Orsay, France to launch LTLB for their 90 undergraduates. In this seminar, we will provide you an overview how we educators could reflect and incorporate effective and evidenced-based learning strategies into our own educational programmes and classrooms, to help our students learn better.

Speaker Profile

Fun Man FUNG is Assistant Director (Education) at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology (ALSET) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he is researching how educational technology tools can improve learning in science. He holds a joint appointment as an IT-for-Teaching Chemistry Instructor at the Department of Chemistry. Fun Man was a recipient of the University Annual Teaching Excellence Award in 2017 and Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2016. Fun Man graduated from NUS and Technische Universität München, Germany. He serves on the WorldSkills International Competition as a Technical Expert for the “Chemical Laboratory Technology” national committee. He was conferred the IUPAC Younger Chemist Award (2019) and QS-Wharton STAR Reimagine Education Awards (2017, 2018) for his effort in innovative teaching and learning approaches. He has also received awards and grants for his research in Chemistry, such as the BASF Industrial Scholarship Award and the Erasmus+ Scholarship of the European Union. As a recognition of his fervent effort in civic engagement, Fun Man was recently conferred the Young South East Asia Young Leader’s Initiative (YSEALI) Fellowship and U.S. Department of State Professional Fellowship in 2019.