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Open for everyone
- 17:00 CRI, MakerLab

Beyond scientific thinking Masterclass

Beyond scientific thinking Masterclass

We're glad to invite you to a Masterclass organized within the FIRE Doctoral school and for which you are more than welcome. 11th December is going to be a day dedicated to travel Beyond scientific thinking: a journey through science and art as two creative processes with similarities and differences. A focus will also be done on the emotional, subjective and irrational part of any research process (even yours!). The Masterclass will be given by Aurélien Peilloux, who did his PhD at the CRI on Research-as-creation. You can see the description below for more details.

Please register at this link it you would like to attend this Masterclass, as the number of available spots is limited. It will be held at the MakerLab.



Creative process

What are the specifics of the scientific approach to investigate the world? And of the artistic ones? How both differ or, on the contrary, look alike? More important, how both approaches could combine? That is, how the practice of the arts can enrich scientific research?

Description: Aurélien will give an insight into these questions by introducing the framework of research-as-creation, a pretty recent field of research which attempts to define the possibility of a research within the arts. Let’s watch some movies as concrete examples!

A discussion on the creative process and on its vivid contradictions will also allow the participants to become aware of the emotional, subjective and irrational part of any research process, in science as well as in art. If art and science were closer than we normally think?

Aurélien Peilloux. After completing graduate studies in physics and biology, Aurélien Peilloux entered La Fémis school of cinema to learn film making. At the same time, he carried out a PhD at the CRI on the relationships between art and science, particularly within the creative process.