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Platforms for Engagement: Technology for Citizen Science

Platforms for Engagement: Technology for Citizen Science

One of the early examples of citizen science is William Whewell tidal observations in 1835, when thousands of people, in 650 stations across the world, with observations being taken over two weeks, every 15 minutes. This required organisation and standardisation - what today we would call a technological platform that enabled this experiment.

Since then a very large number of citizen-science projects have been launched and have led to unprecedented outcomes in many fields of science and research - from astronomy to the life science, and to the social sciences and the humanities. It is time to collectively review and assess the use of new technologies keeping in view volunteer engagement, their requirements and experiences and the alignment of such projects to sustainable development goals (SDGs).

With over 2 billion smartphones users, one may imagine an enviably large virtual laboratory space for citizen-science engagements which can be a game-changer in addressing global issues of climate change, healthcare and new models of education and collaboration.

Towards this, CRI along with the Museum of Natural History is organising a discussion forum on 28th November at CRI to brainstorm the future of platforms for engagement and identify common areas of collaboration.