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- 17:00 CRI - Learning Center Extension

Mendeleiev Lab

Mendeleiev Lab

We are happy to announce an event at Fête de la science this year. Global educative action called Mendeleiev. Lab is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Periodic table of chemical elements discovered by Dimitri Mendeleiev. (opening in 2018 in UNESCO).

The event takes place in the frames of the International Year of the Periodic Table (the opening ceremony happened in january 2019 in UNESCO headquaters in Paris). Come and try yourself in modern chemistry with the help of a professional scientist. The winners of the quiz will get prizes and everybody will have the pleasure of communicating with the real science et getting new knowledge! Event is open to the public and is co-organised together with researchers from CRI,, Russian Cultural Centre in Paris and Lecturers without borders.

The program for Saturday 12th October for Fete de la Science

1h30 – 2h00 Welcome with small excursion around CRI

2h00 – 3h15 Mendeliev onpen laba

3h15 -3h30 Small snacks and coffee before lectures

3h30 – 4h30 Talks by scientists on contemporary chemistry and biology

3h30 – 4h00 ‘Chemistry in action! Analyzing and building molecules‘ by Emanuele Penocchio, PhD student at Université du Luxembourg and Allegra Leghissa, LC-MS/MS Application Engineer at Shimadzu France.

4h00 – 4h30 ‘A short tale from bio-chemistry to immunology and statistics (in the era of big data)’ Barbara Bravi and Carlos Enrique Olivares Rodriguez, researchers at laboratoire de physique de l’Ecole normale supérieure (Paris)

‘A short tale from bio-chemistry to immunology and statistics (in the era of big data)’ as a short description, we will present how the immune system works and how to statistically infer a mathematical description by analyzing DNA sequence data: in this way we draw a picture of the diversity of immune responses among individuals.