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One day workshop on “Artificial Intelligence and Women Empowerment”

One day workshop on “Artificial Intelligence and Women  Empowerment”

Gender Equality is the 5 th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). As with other SDGs, Artificial Intelligence can play a role in promoting good practices, or to the contrary, can enhance the existing biases and prejudices. A recent workshop at IJCAI, in Macao, made the case for a number of projects relating SDGs and Artificial Intelligence. The Knowledge for All foundation, the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaire de Paris and the Unesco Chair on OER at Université de Nantes jointly organize this workshop. The workshop will be organized around talks, but interaction will be promoted through active debates around the different questions relevant to the workshop, of which:

  • Bias issues: typically, AI will reproduce the bias in the data. If the data contains a prejudice, the decision making based on AI can reproduce (and sometimes enhance) that prejudice.
  • Gender issues in AI projects. Is it a good idea to add a "gender officer" to an AI
  • project? Someone who can look out so that prejudice doesn't creep in?
  • AI for Education: how educating women can make special sense? What do we need to
  • look out for?


9-30 Coffee on arrival

10-00 Welcome introduction (Colin de la Higuera)

10-10 Keynote talk: Bhavani Rao

11-00 Panel/discussion 1: Does AI introduce new risks and opportunities for gender equality? (Moderator Florence Sedes)

· John Shawe-Taylor (University College London & UNESCO Chair in Artificial Intelligence)

· Wendy MacKay (INRIA & Situ Ex).

· Prateek Sibal (Unesco)

12-30 Lunch

14-00 Panel/discussion 2: The issue of bias-which are the main reasons for bias and can AI do something about it? Moderator Colin de la Higuera

· Michèle Sebag (CNRS, Paris)

· Frédérique Krupa (Human Machine Design Lab,, Nantes)

· Bhavani Rao (Ammachi labs at Amrita University, and UNESCO Chair in Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality, Amritapuri, India)

15-30 Panel/Discussion 3: AI and education: where women empowerment questions can be looked into. Moderator John Shawe-Taylor

· Sophie Touzé (VetAgro Sup-Université de Lyon)

· Mitja Jermol (Chaire Unesco en Technologies pour les Ressources Educatives Libres au Josef Stephan Institute, Ljubljana)

· Florence Sedes (Université de Toulouse & Société Informatique de France)

17-00 Closing remarks

The number of participants is limited in order to foster interaction: if you want an invitation, please send an email to the following organizer : Colin de la Higuera (Unesco Chair @ Université de Nantes):

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