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The Biopolis Public Showcase

Wed 24 Jul 18:00 PM - 22:00 PM @ Auditorium de l'Hotel de Ville

The Biopolis Public Showcase

On Wednesday, July 24th, come see our students' visions for the future of Paris!

A collaboration between Harvard, the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), SciencesPo, and the City of Paris, The Biopolis coaches students to develop innovative solutions to urban problems, inspired by the notion of the city as an organism.

Using the city of Paris as a laboratory, student teams propose new models for sustainable development on issues ranging from public art and education to transportation and public health. These projects focus not only on enhancing the physical infrastructure of the city, but also the intellectual and social capital of its residents.

A key aspect of the program involves student consultations with stakeholders across public, private, and civic sectors to interrogate the feasibility of project ideas. At the end of the summer, students pitch their projects to the public in a film festival format. In the process, students become civic innovators and change makers across fields and across cultures.

More information about The Biopolis can be found on the program website: