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What’s Next? Research Innovation and the Advancement of Learning

Tue 04 Jun 16:00 PM - 19:00 PM @ CRI Amphitheater

What’s Next? Research Innovation and the Advancement of Learning

What does it mean “I have an idea?” How do we go beyond the frontiers of existing knowledge? How do we create our research toolkit to explore the unknown? How do we identify and frame a new idea? How do we find, consolidate, and question what has already been acquired about a research topic, and move beyond? Why should a researcher include interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary methods to solve specific research questions in a determined disciplinary field? After having conceived an interdisciplinary research project, how, when, and by what means can a researcher select the methods that construe the best methodology for specific given research questions? What does it mean to stand on the shoulders of the giants?

This masterclass will approach these and other related questions as an introduction to Heritage Science. Quoting Helga Nowotny in the keynote that she gave for the first Singapore Heritage Science Conference, “Heritage science poses the challenge of innovation in a new way: How does the new integrate with the old?” (Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, 6 January 2014). To view the Keynote: