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Open for everyone

Career Connect with EdTech France (LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE)

Wed 19 Jun 18:00 PM - 21:00 PM @ CRI - Learning Center & Lounge

Career Connect with EdTech France (LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE)

What Are You Doing Next???

CV Lab and Edtech France are pleased to invite you to a special hands-on masterclass called Career Connect with 11 amazing French EdTech startups.

How it will work

Conversations at the event will focus on competencies and career opportunities in the education technology sector in France and globally and how your profile fits in.

All 11 companies have multiple opportunities for internships or full-time roles and would like to meet YOU to explore possibilities for recruitment

This should be useful whether you are seeking full-time employment after the Masters or an internship for M2.

Even if you are not looking for a job in EdTech or in France, the knowledge and insights you gain should still come in handy.

After initial introductions, you would have the chance to interact with up to 3 companies in short intimate workshops with 2-3 other students.

This should also provide the chance to get feedback on your portfolios and resume from real receruiters

Meet The Startups

Please check out the profiles of the companies and indicate which ones you would like to speak to.

Beneylu builds a range of digital tools which offers many applications adapted to primary school students including text book and notebook, a blog, an atlas with GPS, a search engine, a project creation tool. Their apps are currently being used by more than 35,000 classes

Coding & Bricks® uses Design Thinking, new technologies, code and LEGO® Brick to facilitate new ways of working in a team. We offer workshops for companies and the educational community using LEGO® bricks in all its forms as a gateway to more creativity, more collective intelligence but also to a better understanding of developments related to digital.

Digital Cocoon was born from the meeting of four people during a brainstorming on the issues and needs in employment that we face. We train in the skills of Digital Communication, Digital Learning and Business Creation. We welcome employees, freelancers and jobseekers. Our devices and courses are certified, delivered face-to-face and distance, and supported by solid support.

Domoscio is an Edtech startup specialized in Big Data and artificial intelligence for learning which operates in France, Spain and the UK. In Esperanto, Domoscio means “House of Knowledge” and this name reveals much about the start-up’s commitment to inventing a new approach to Knowledge by transforming the learning process.

My Serious Game develops the knowledge of employees, enhances their soft skills and mobilizes them, through tailor-made gamified solutions such as 3D simulations, competitive mobile challenges, blended learning or VR. We catch and keep the trainees’ attention by offering them real immersive adventures. Combining techno-pedagogy, storytelling, technologies and techniques borrowed from the world of video games, we plunge learners into a new formative, powerful and engaging experience.

Pitchboy is the first virtual reality sales and customer relationship training tool, with a conversation simulation supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The software offers professionals the opportunity to train in real-life public speaking and persuasion skills.

Simone et les Robots is an agency created to inspire brands in their digital transformation and strategies. The team develops a human and intelligent vision of brands in a modern economy and transformed by incessant innovations.

Skillogs offers a smart AI-based training platform called Acarya, Sanskrit "Teacher" that allows each learner, from 6 to 99 years, to learn at his own pace as if he had a particular teacher.

Studizen is a specialized platform for universities and colleges to facilitate exchanges between students and teachers. The Studizen tool infuses innovative pedagogy into higher education institutions. It modernizes and centralizes the communication of a school. Studizen is a turnkey platform: integration, support and training are supported.

Teachreo makes it possible to connect students or students with teachers, trainers or simply other students (tutors). Thanks to the use of virtual classes either on an ad hoc basis or in a training course, it becomes possible for these students to be accompanied to revise, progress or train. We offer TeachReo as a white label for training centers wishing to develop online training in a simple and fast way.

Vittascience has goal to bring together students and broadly open their horizons through scientific projects. Convinced that experience is one of the key components to learning, we propose innovative kits that allow the orchestration of experience-based educational projects. Each of our kits is formulated to use both digital and hands-on components.