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Network seminar: predictions in online communities

Thu 18 Apr 17:00 PM - 18:00 PM @ CRI, Charles V, 2.11

Network seminar: predictions in online communities

We are happy to invite you to the network seminar at CRI.

This week Alexey Medvedev (Université de Namur and Université catholique de Louvain) will present his work on the topic of predictions of discussions in online communities.

When? 17h00 on 18th April.

Where? 2.11, Charles V, 10, 75004, Paris, CRI. If you have any problems to get there, please call us: +33634607891

Title: Predicting discussion dynamics in online forums using Hawkes processes: case study of Reddit

Abstract: Online forums provide rich environments where users may post questions and comments about different topics. Understanding how people behave in online forums may shed light on the fundamental mechanisms by which collective thinking emerges in a group of individuals, but it has also important practical applications, for instance to improve user experience and increase engagement. Communication in online forums mostly happen through the open discussions, potentially available for all members of a particular platform. Cascading patterns, often emerging and well studied in online social media, are represented in forums in the form of threads, or, otherwise called, discussion trees. The two main questions arise: what is the shape and what is the dynamics of evolution of these trees? In this talk I will present an overview of the main research directions that arose in recent years and focus primarily on the most popular platform, Reddit. Then I will present a model of discussion trees generation based on the self-exciting Hawkes processes, which represents both the tree structure and temporal information. This model was applied to Reddit discussion trees and showed better accuracy in predicting future flow of the discussion, in comparison with the contemporary dynamic cascade models.