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AIRE Masterclass presents: Marc Güell

Fri 19 Apr 11:00 AM - 14:00 PM @ CRI - Auditorium

AIRE Masterclass presents: Marc Güell

The AIRE-LifeSciences Master will host for its April Masterclass Marc Guell, Tenure Track professor and group leader of the Translational synthetic biology unit at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB). He is studying how to edit the human skin microbiome to fight dermal diseases such as psoriasis, and also synthetic biology in mammalian cells for drug discovery. He is also the founder of Egenesis, company whose focus is in creating probiotics for the skin, and S-Biomedic, which aims to edit the skin microbiome with therapeutic purposes. The talk will be preceded by café-croissants and will be followed by an informal buffet lunch.

Title of his talk: Precise and efficient editing of mammalian genomes for therapeutic purposes. How synthetic biology will impact therapies of the future?

Abstract: One of the most advanced sequencing machines can sequence a human genome in hours but synthesizing ~30% of the yeast chromosome has taken years by a consortium of scientists. We are experiencing a growing gap between our capabilities to read and write DNA. This enormous sequencing capacity made the identification of alleles associated with biological processes easier than ever. However, the pace at which these alleles can be tested in the laboratory or addressed clinically has been limited. Advancement of gene synthesis and development of gene editing techniques increase to our ability to write DNA. Despite important progress, mammalian genome editing is still faces important challenges. Homology driven repair methods are still remarkably inefficient for most primary tissues or large edits, and integrative gene delivery methods such as transposases and lentiviruses cannot control insertion sites. Higher precision and efficiency in primary tissues or ‘in vivo’ genome editing is required to accelerate basic research and therapeutic translation.