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Open for everyone

Workshop: Designing Your Life

Mon 15 Apr 18:30 PM - 21:30 PM @ CRI Learning Center

Workshop: Designing Your Life

The Ikigai lab invites you to take some time to work on the most important design project of all – your life.

This interactive evening workshop will walk you through different tools that help you to define your priorities and find ways to improve the balance in your life. Participants will leave with three Odyssey Plans for their life and a plan to prototype their way towards a successful future. Using the collective intelligence of the group we are going to help each other on our individual and unique journeys toward a well-lived, joyful life.

This workshop is for you, if:

1) you are thinking about how to continue your professional career

2) you could use some more balance in your life

3) you don't already have a reliable way of creating the life that you want


Would you suggest this Workshop to a friend?

So far 100% of the participants say yes:

'Yes, I would definitely recommend this workshop to a friend. I especially enjoyed the art and power of simple questions and thought experiments. There is no high and complex philosophy behind what we apparently want to reach and aim for in life. I really liked the way the workshop made us question and rephrase again and again how we would like to live and pursue our private, academic and professional life.'

'I would definitely suggest this Workshop, because it was a nice experience and it can trigger a much larger soul-searching process in the future.'

'Yes, because it gives you the opportunity to shift your perspective about life. It enables you to meet like-minded people. Thank you for this inspirational and well-organized workshop :)'

Disclaimer: We are very excited to say that next month we will host the continuation to this workshop, so if you haven't participated yet, now is the time :)