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[Thematic Workshop] "Architecture of the Living"

Fri 12 Apr 09:30 AM - 17:00 PM @ Amphitheatre, CRI-Paris

[Thematic Workshop] "Architecture of the Living"


The rise of digital age has brought with it an era of big data, machine learning, and unprecedented computational power that may offer new inroads to the study of living systems. Exploiting these new opportunities, however, will require the development of novel mathematical and technological methods. On the final day of the Thematic Workshop, we will explore the tools that have been and are being created for the next generation of computational approaches in life science research. Interdisciplinary by construction, mathematical approaches to life science and human health constitute a complex intersection of social, physical, and theoretical science. We hope to illustrate this complexity not only through our diverse cohort of Master defenses, but through keynote talks that will speak to the versatility and potential impacts of computational life science. We look forward to your participation in the Workshop and encourage lively discussion from both scientific and general audiences.

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9:30 Introduction

10:00 Keynote speaker: Marc Santolini

10:45 Masters defense: Jonathan Bac

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 Masters defense: Santino Nanini / Albin Salazar / Naina Goel

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Masters defense: Thibaut Ponchon / Hugo Gortais / Gael Simon

15:30 Cofee break

15:45 Masters defense: Aurelia Faure de Pebeyre

16:15 Keynote speaker: Jean-François Mangin

17:00 Apéritif