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FdV Entrepreneurship Day

Wed 13 Feb 09:30 AM - 17:15 PM @ CRI

FdV Entrepreneurship Day

The CRI Entrepreneurship day is an initiative created by the CRI Business students club and the Frontières du Vivant Bachelor (FdV) coordinators’ team in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur to encourage entrepreneurship among the CRI students.

The event consists in a series of talks and workshops with the aim to introduce students to the concept of entrepreneurship as well as to provide them with a series of tools and hands-on experience regarding business management. Students will benefit from experienced speakers in the world of entrepreneurship which will provide their personal and professional insight so as to serve as an example and asses the students in their career development.

This activity will take place on February 13th at the CRI Campus, 8bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris, in the Learning Center Extension.