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Escape the Grid – An Arts & Science Workshop with Sépànd Danesh & Johannes Jäger

Sat 09 Mar 10:00 AM - 17:00 PM @ CRI Learning Center

Escape the Grid – An Arts & Science Workshop with Sépànd Danesh & Johannes Jäger

"[C]reative people have moments in which they experience, in a controlled manner, a relatively free communication between their unconscious and conscious selves.”

Eric Kandel, paraphrasing Ernst Kris in 'The Age of Insight', 2012

Can creativity be taught? We are not sure. Can your creativity be liberated? Absolutely! Creative inquiry requires the right kind of ambient conditions, and a certain relaxed state of mind. Neuroscience shows that periods of mind-wandering are essential for the forma-tion of innovative associations. Those associations have the power to move us out of the corners we tend to think ourselves into. They allow us to flex and stretch our mental joints. They provide an escape from the Cartesian grid of our logical constructions, lifting (or lowering) us into other dimensions of thought, where shapeless new concepts and their connections wait to be discovered, to be formed, formulated, and fixed into our ever-expanding network of established knowledge. This workshop is an expedition to the frontier of this territory of the shapeless unformulated unknown.

In today’s high-pressure academic environment, with its excessive focus on productivity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to experience the intermittent states of contemplative mind-wandering that are necessary for the dynamic interplay between our conscious and unconscious selves, the basis for creative discovery. Art is a powerful tool to take us back to these states, temporarily unchaining us from our bond to preconceived notions, while maintaining a playful focus on the problems we are trying to solve.

This workshop is a hands-on experience in arts & science. It will take place at the CRI on Saturday, March 9, 2019, from 9am to 4pm. You will be guided on your explorative conceptual journey by an artist, Sépànd Danesh, and a scientist, Johannes Jäger, who both have extensive practical experience with this kind of project.

The workshop requires no background, experience, or even talent in art or drawing. It is intended for CRI staff, researchers, and students at all levels (bachelors, masters, PhD). It is not restricted to personality types that consider themselves creative. You will be expected to participate actively in the activities of the workshop. Drawing materials will be provided, there is no need to bring anything. Do feel free to come with your favorite drawing tools, if you have any.

The teachers of the workshop will film the course, and reserve the right to scan and use your artwork for our documentation of the project.

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