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Open for everyone

Networks: To learn, to visualize together

Fri 25 Jan 17:30 PM - 19:00 PM @ CRI, (Learning Center)-Charles V-0-Learning Center Extension 0.06

Networks: To learn, to visualize together

Networks are everywhere. Together with their high practical importance, networks have beautiful structures. Network theory has applications in many disciplines including statistical physics, particle physics, computer science, electrical engineering, biology, economics, finance, operations research, climatology and sociology. This event is made to explain the foundation of networks theory and to learn and visualize various types of abstract networks and networks from real-world data.

The schedule of the event:

17:30-17:40 - Network theory: from abstract structures to brain networks and giant networks of cities.

17:40-18:00 - Explanation about the visualisation of networks: online data-viz tools and methods for creating network art-objects.

18:00-19:00 - Visualizing and Drawing together: big open session, where everyone can visualise networks from data and draw them on paper.

The event is organized by: Marc Santolini (CRI), Liubov Tupikina (CRI), Katja Heuer, Roberto Toro (CRI), Eric Cherel (CRI), Marina Saburova (Lyon University).

The event is open to CRI. Everyone who would like to learn how to learn and visualise networks is welcome to join!