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- 17:00 Room 1.10

Beyond Scientific Thinking workshop

Beyond Scientific Thinking workshop

What exactly does it mean to have a scientific approach? How does it look like or differ from an artistic one? How close or far is the framework of the scientific posture from other ones, like the creator one?


Aurélien and Charlotte will give an insight into these questions by introducing the framework of research-as-creation, a pretty recent field of research which attempts to combine both artistic and scientific approaches. Let’s watch some movies as concrete examples of this practice!

A discussion on the creative process and on the vivid contradictions that exist at his heart will allow the participants to become aware of the emotional, subjective and irrational part of any research process.

But during this workshop, Aurélien and Charlotte will also question the specificity of the scientific thinking. Have you ever heard about Newton’s trunk? The history of experimental science, and, more widely, of the reasoning will provide interesting elements to understand where the scientific framework comes from.

An open debate based on the movie The five wise men, with Edgar Morin and others, will make the participants aware of the link between being and being in the world. And, last but not least, to make them think of ethics from an inner, sensitive and personal perspective.



Creative process




Aurelien Peilloux. After completing graduate studies in physics and biology, Aurélien Peilloux entered La Fémis school of cinema to learn filmmaking. At the same time, he carried out a PhD at the CRI on the links between art and science, especially by investigating the creative process.

Charlotte Salvatico. During her thesis in neurosciences at the IBENS, Charlotte Salvatico initiated a short film intertwining the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the loss of the loved one, with the involvement of dance students of the Conservatoire national and cinema student from La Fémis.