AIRE Masterclass presents: Reinhard Laubenbacher

Open for everyone

AIRE Masterclass presents: Reinhard Laubenbacher

Fri 14 Dec 11:00 AM - 14:00 PM @ CRI - Auditorium

AIRE Masterclass presents: Reinhard Laubenbacher

The AIRE Master announces the last 2018 Masterclass with Reinhard Laubenbacher, director of the Center for Quantitative Medicine at the University of Connecticut (USA). Current interests in Dr. Laubenbacher’s research group include the development of mathematical algorithms and their application to problems in systems biology, in particular the modeling and simulation of molecular networks. An application area of particular interest is cancer systems biology, especially the role of iron metabolism in breast cancer.

This event is open to the public and free of charge, although registration is mandatory for non-AIRE students.

Multi-scale mathematical models of disease

Multi-scale mathematical and computational modeling has emerged as a key technology in many areas of engineering, manufacturing, and business. It also holds great promise for biomedicine, with a wide range of potential applications. For instance, well-validated computational models could help limit the use of animal experiments for drug discovery or develop better-optimized treatment protocols for patients. Unique challenges arise in this context, however, such as the existence of feedback loops between scales, e.g., the bidirectional interplay between processes at the organism and intracellular levels, or the lack of knowledge about physical or biochemical principles underlying disease mechanisms. This also complicates the application of optimal control techniques, which is of particular importance, since most problems in biomedicine ultimately are about control. These issues will be illustrated through ongoing research projects related to infectious diseases, as well as cancer.