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ePIC 16th edition #OpenRecognition

Wed 24 Oct 09:00 AM - Fri 26 Oct 16:30 PM @ CRI

ePIC 16th edition #OpenRecognition

Paris October 24–26, 2018, join us at the CRI for the 16th edition of ePIC, a gathering of leading innovators exploiting the power of digital technologies in the field of education, employment, social inclusion and citizenship since 2003!

Two years after publishing the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, ePIC 2018 is exploring how innovative technologies and practices can lead to the emergence of Open Recognition Ecosystems and a World Wide Web of Trust.

As a demonstration of the power of emerging technologies, such as Open Badges and Bits of Trust, ePIC will launch the first World Wide Web of Trust, an attempt to remap the world through the celebration of talents and achievements, to empower individuals and communities.

If you cannot join us in Paris, you can still participate through the #OpenRecognition Week, recognising and celebrating the people and organisations you trust and who are contributing to building a more open, inclusive and trustworthy society.