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THE MONTPARNASSE INITIATIVE: SCHOOL OF THINKING Summer School 2018 - The 1st (Prototype) Edition

Thu 12 Jul 09:00 AM - Wed 18 Jul 18:00 PM @ CRI

THE MONTPARNASSE INITIATIVE: SCHOOL OF THINKING Summer School 2018 - The 1st (Prototype) Edition


An exploration of thinking itself: the background activity which underpins all knowledge and action!

An invitation to all members of the CRI ecosystem: Come challenge yourself and others to think as a free, independent, critical and creative thinker!

We are prototyping a new, collaborative learning program:

A challenge to go beyond your assumptions and mental habits; An experience of thinking together with (very different) others; Co-creation of a new program of experiential learning.

For full description see this post:


July 12-18, 2018 (excluding July 14 or 15 - TBC which one)


Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) Tour Montparnasse, 20e étage 33 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris

Note: the evening Reader’s Club discussions and the Saturday/Sunday events will take place outside the CRI location.


All members (students, teachers, researchers, affiliates, …) of the CRI ecosystem, as well as unaffiliated candidates, are welcome to apply to participate free of charge. It is expected that each admitted participant will:

    • Participate in the full course of the summer school,
    • Acknowledge the ‘prototyping’ status of the program and actively contribute to its development,
    • Volunteer to take care of one selected scope of responsibility.

In order to apply please send an email to: by Friday, June 29, 2018. In your email please provide:

    • Your name and affiliation,
    • Your contact handles (Slack, Skype, WhatsApp),
    • The scope of responsibility you are willing to take care of (if indicating more than one possibility, please sort them in the order of your preference).

Available scopes of responsibility:

  1. The Space Maker: keep the room (chairs, tables, flipcharts, whiteboard) appropriately arranged (1 person - 5 days)
  2. The Tech Nerd: organise and setup the beamer, screen, connectors, cables & troubleshoot if needed (1 person - 5 days)
  3. The Reader’s Club leader: select & reserve a bar/restaurant suitable for the discussions (1 person - 4 evenings)
  4. The Reader’s Club presenter: select a paper (your own or someone’s else) to be discussed (2 people - 1 evening each)
  5. The Camera(wo)man: prepare the video documentation of the most interesting moments (1 person - 6 days)
  6. The Photographer: prepare the photo documentation of the most interesting moments (1 person - 6 days)
  7. The Yoga Master: teach the “body thinking” module on Friday (1 person - 1 morning)
  8. The Scout Leader: prepare and print maps for the Saturday walks through the city (1 person)
  9. The Campfire Master: find a place for the campfire, get a permit if needed (1 person)
  10. The Fire Guard: bring the kindling wood, make the fire and keep it going (2 people)
  11. The Kids Club Team: develop and organise a future parallel track of the program addressed to school kids (4 people - the future editions)

Applications will be accepted on the first-come, first-serve basis until all scopes of responsibility are successfully assigned.