Open Futures Playground

Open for everyone
- 20:30 LPI

Design Your Future

Design Your Future

We want to welcome you to a new LPI playground.

In this open and playful workshop environment you will be able to explore and enrich your perspective on your future using practices from Practical Philosophy & Life Design tailor-made to your personal context.

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You are curious what your future might bring
  • You have a difficult decision to make
  • You want to explore tools to design your life

We will spend about 2 1/2 hours together, held by expert facilitators David Sumiacher (Practical philosophy) & Pascal Kolbe (Life Design / Ikigai).

When: 22nd of September, from 18h00 - 20h30 Where: We will meet in the lounge and find an appropriate place (if you cannot find us, send me, Pascal, a message @ +33767471442)

Looking forward to seeing you there, Warmly, Pascal & David