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Open for everyone
- 20:00 Learning Planet Institute

Crypto Carbon Ecosystem - Paris

Crypto Carbon Ecosystem - Paris

Join us for a collaborative workshop on bridging the value-action gap, reimagining value exchange systems, rewiring valueflows using web3 About this event

How decentralized solutions contribute to clean energy transition and help each of us become an active participant of this needed transformation?


Who is it for?

Are you a web3 participant who wants to learn more about crypto carbon ecosystem, regenerative finance, incentives - specifically for distributed solar power and energy efficient use of it?

Are you a decentralized solar power enthusiast who wants to reimagine voluntary carbon markets, using programmable markets and incentive design mechanisms, participatory networks, and self-sovereignty?

What can you expect?

We will share the insights from the Lisbon event, and timely articles, and scnearios a week before. In a collaborative setting our aim is to enable common understanding of how web3 can be a game changer.

  • Impulses: (tbd) Sustainability to SDGs, Impact Investment to Regenerative Finance: what moved? ReFi and web3 Ecosystem: techno-economic socio-institutional paradigm shifts?

  • Prefiguration: (tbd) We need reimaginations! Hence before we start the workshop in the afternoon, we invite you onto a solarpunk microLARP through the city around ethcc. You will be well prepared, and experience the power of imagination, web3 tokenization, augmented reality, and social movement.

As part of this microLARP you will experience the "Values of Sun" art research in augmented/reality; participate and interact.

Program (details will be announced)

  • Prefiguration 12:00 - 14:30 (outdoors) Solarpunk LARP from ethcc to Learning Planet Institute (LPI), new scenarios and technologies
  • Workshop 15:30 - 18:30 (@LPI) Collaborative workshop with impulse talks, pre/post event infos and articles
  • Exhibition 18:30 - 20:00 Values of Sun