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Thematic Workshop - Cells under pressure: from physiological to pathological processes

Thematic Workshop - Cells under pressure: from physiological to pathological processes

For a year now, the Covid pandemic has been testing us and our resilience. But beyond organisms, cells too can get stressed. This conference offers us to go past the current period and to dive into the cellular world. Through seven presentations, you will discover how cancer cells react to mechanical constraints, how microbiomes change and adapt, and what drives cellular differentiation, migration or triggers innate immune signaling.

The conference will be held online on the 24th of February, 2021, from 2pm to 6 pm online. Registration is free but mandatory in order to get the zoom link. The zoom link will be sent on your registration email the day before the event.

During those four hours together :

Francesco Baschieri (Institut Gustave Roussy UMR1279 - Dynamique des cellules tumorales) will present his work on “Mechanical adaptation of cells through frustrated endocytosis”. He will start by introducing us to the concept of frustrated endocytosis and relate it to the cell mechanosensing properties. With that in mind, we will focus on how cells under physical confinement (mechanical constraints) modulate their signaling through the frustrated endocytosis structures.

Jorge Barbazan (Institut Curie UMR144 - Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela) will talk about the Cancer-Associated Fibroblast in the tumor micro-environment and their role in the tumoral architecture design. He will present how the “Cancer-associated fibroblasts supracellular contractility controls tumor architecture through active compression of tumor cells”, his work on how stromal (“healthy”) cells influence cancer cell behaviours.

Then, our LiSc students will present their internship :

  • Aline Yatim will present her work on the migration of macrophages under confinement.
  • Anu Kurian will talk about mitochondrial dynamics, and the role of the protein MTP18 in innate immune signaling.
  • Lucile Bokobza is going to present us her project about how philosophy can help to understand the organisation of primitive blocks of life on Mars
  • Clara Lehenaff will talk about the microbiome through the example of the confined vaginal and neovaginal flora. She will present her work on the neovaginal microbiota.
  • Amandine Maire will present the project of the 2020 Paris Bettencourt iGEM team dealing with the skin microbiome. They studied the impact of the lockdown on the skin microbiome diversity.


14h00-14h10 : Presentation of the conference and intro of first speaker
14h10 - 14h40 : Francesco Baschieri (20mn talk + 10mn questions)
10mn : Introduction of next speaker
14h50 - 15h20 : Jorge Barbazan
10mn break
15h30 - 15h55 : Aline Yatim
16h - 16h20 : Anu Kurian
16h25 - 16h50 : Lucile Bokobza
16h55 - 17h20 : Clara Lehenaff
17h25 - 17h50 : Amandine Maire